LOSE WEIGHT NATURALLY. Tapeworm has been a natural part of human intestinal flora for millions of years, protecting from obesity and stimulating immunity.

KEEP YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM BALANCED. Hosting tapeworms helps to keep your immune system healthy. Worm therapy has been successfully applied to alleviate autoimmune disorders such as allergies.

EASILY REMOVABLE WITH A SINGLE TABLET. Readily available niclosamide or praziquantel work with 100% effectiveness. You have complete control over when to discontinue the therapy.

PCR-TESTED. Benign species of tapeworm Taenia saginata guaranteed, through PCR-based genetic tests performed on tapeworm cysts isolated from beef.

SANITISED AND VACUUM-PACKED. The cysts, each the size of a grain of rice, are individually packed in an aseptic environment. Sterility and safety guaranteed.

Tapewormdiet.org team: communications@tapewormdiet.org

Tapewormdiet.org is the pioneer in medical tapeworm provision and has nurtured the renaissance of the benign Taenia saginata species in recent years. Today, research is being carried out on the application of Taenia saginata to alleviate a host of autoimmune disorders including allergies, inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis and arthritis.

What distinguishes Taenia saginata among other species is its appetite for the calories you consume. While other organisms currently used in medicine, such as hookworm or pig whipworm, feed on blood or tissue secretions, the tapeworm feeds only on the food you ingest. Thus it has been used by people worldwide to help in their weight reduction efforts.

Our Taenia saginata cysts are isolated from prime cuts of beef and maintained in a sterile and pure environment. We continually invest in technology which includes ultraviolet light sterilization and Real-Time PCR. Our processes ensure that tapewormdiet.org saginata cysts are of the highest clinical standard.